La Fortuna


W100 Corsicana Texas/US, 2018

C-Print on billboard paper 300 x 300 cm

36 bricks made out with plaster, acrylic paint, wood, trash, cigarrettes, chewing gum, plants, papers

La Fortuna’ s underlying interest is the idea of an artisan way of producing in relation to industrial and mass production markets. A working body here calls for a detailed appreciation on materialities as a visualization of the quantity of hours invested in the work. The installation is based on a tetris-like geometric platform on the floor and made out of 36 bricks/tiles manually fabricated with coloured plaster and trash of Corsicana ́s street. The floor piece is ‘mirrored’ by a wallpaper that shows an enlarged image of one of the bricks. Both works are in direct relation with denim sculptures which expands the show’s conceptual frame. Fabricated some of them in United States or some others in South America and later sold in United States, the presence of denim in the project responds to how do we consume the folklore of a culture; moreover they serve as metaphors of the role of art within the market. The denim, as unisex touring object of consume and as working uniform opens questions of gender, identity and labor.

La Fortuna’ is currently being expanded as a film, produced by the artist and a truck driver from USArt, an Art Schipping Company based in St. Louis, United States.

This project is kindly supported by The Navarro Council of the Arts, 100W Corsicana and USArt Company 

                          2018 Florencia Almirón