La Fortuna


 Open Studio  W100 Corsicana Texas/US, 2018

C-Print on billboard paper 300 x 300 cm

36 bricks made out with plaster, acrylic paint, wood, trash, cigarrettes, chewing gum, plants, papers

Work clothes from a truck driver saved after a cross country trip of 2100 miles from St. Louis to Chicago to NewYork

Exhibition view of ‘Sleeping with a Vengeance, Dreaming of a Life’ at Yellow Brick Gallery, Athens 2018 Curated by Ruth Noack

La Fortuna’ is currently being expanded as a road movie trip in a truck throughout Argentina.

This project is kindly supported by The Navarro Council of the Arts, 100W Corsicana and USArt Transport St. Louis USA 

                          2018 Florencia Almirón