KM 53

2013 ongoing

The project KM53 consists in the transport of a collapsing highway billboard situated in a rural area of the Province of Buenos Aires to the City of Buenos Aires in a new location. The billboard was partly damaged by winds and storms. Its structure in plain collapse still resisting had frozen the time exactly in the moment inbetween the fall and the resistance. The suburbian area of Buenos Aires as an abandoned or deteriorated area, in regards to the city center, is here used as the aestheticization of failure. The dimensions of the object and, more significantly, the apparent lack of practical purpose to carry out such an endeavour (which meant a serious mobilisation of logistic resources as well as contemplating all the requirements of the museums’s security departments) encountered multiple bureaucratic resistances. The content of the work turned out to be the disclosure of a network of laws and regulations that determine the possibilities of action in our everyday experience of art and its institutions. The project was comissioned by Young Art Biennial of Buenos Aires 2013, and is still ongoing as a book and a video project.

Dismantling: Duilio della Pitima
Engineer: Ricardo López
Architect: Horacio Vismara
Photographic documentation: Bruno Dubner
Video: Henry Rodríguez
Video edition: Florencia Almirón
Book editor and designer: Isabelle Sully, Matt Hinkley and Florencia Almirón


                   2019 Florencia Almirón