Evolutions, Adds, Commas of the Random Machine


Single channel video, HD color, 00:02:50 Loop

video still

Screening at LVGG, Buenos Aires, as part of Random Machine 2014
Screening at Synchronisation Syncopations, London Biennial, curated by Josephine Turalba, Manila/PH 2016
Screening at Re-framed Transart Triennal, UferStudios, curated by Josephine Turalba, Berlin/D 2016

Evolutions, Adds , Commas of the Random Machine is a video work by Florencia Almirón that portraits the mechanical functioning of our lateral thinking. A cascade of images and feelings produced by our mind both conscious and unconsciously is activated at each time we see, perceive and remember, among other mental activities. Video images and objects are rythmically assembled as a kind of collage and linked to human actions based on free associative connections.

This work was produced with the support of Civitella Ranieri Artist Residency and UNESCO Aschberg Bursary in Umbertide, Italy.

video stills 

Click here to see installation shots of the video on Random Machine (2014)

                2019 Florencia Almirón